How Do I Set Up Mail Forwarding for Exchange Online?

For those of you thinking about subscribing to Exchange Online, part of Microsoft Online Services, or if you are already using the service know that mail forwarding can be a challenge.  Below are a set of steps that should help address the forwarding challenge.  Do you have a different method or questions? Please leave comments below.

Workaround for E-mail Forwarding

Below is a quick and information set of instructions to set up mail forwarding for MOS Exchange. – SMTP address that you want forwarded – SMTP address of my Exchange Online account – External SMTP address


E-mail Box Lists Both SMTP Addresses

E-mail Box Lists Both SMTP Addresses

Step 1: Navigate and login to the Microsoft Online Services Administration Console (you must have appropriate permissions to access this site)

Step 2: Create a contact

  • Find and click the “Service Settings Tab”
  • Click “Exchange Online”
  • Click “Actions”
  • Click “New Contact”

Enter the information for the contact

  • For e-mail address enter – (External E-mail address)
  • Finish the create process


Step 3: Create a Distribution List

  • Go Back to and Click on “Service Settings” Tab
  • Click “Exchange Online”
  • Click “Actions”
  • Click “New Distribution List”
  • Enter the appropriate E-mail address:
  • Check “Allow External Senders”
  • Click “Next”

Select the contact that was created and your Exchange Online account as members

Finish creation of the distribution list.

You have now send up forwarding. All e-mails sent to will be sent to the internal e-mail address as well as the external e-mail address.

Please provide feedback or how you have address this challenge!


3 Responses to How Do I Set Up Mail Forwarding for Exchange Online?

  1. Josh says:

    Have you been able to make this work with an existing email account. My email account exists previosu to these steps so Exchange Online will not let the distribution list to be created using my pre-existing account/alias.

  2. David says:

    The steps above can’t be accomplished with an address that is already in use. If you sign up for Exchange Filtering you can set up a policy that will BCC all e-mail to a given account to another external account.

  3. baise niquer says:

    Hi from sweden, good blog. I should come back more often to see what’s new.

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