SharePoint Online and Office SharePoint Server Feature Comparisons

July 30, 2009

Depending on your business requirements, making a decision of whether you should host SharePoint on-premise or in the clouds can be tough.  We found the Microsoft SharePoint® Online Standard Service Description  document, detailed and helpful.  Jump to Appendix B. for a feature comparison between Office SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online Standard and SharePoint Online Dedicated.  Below is summary of  Appendix B. from the May 19, 2009 version.

Break Out of Features by

  • Collaboration Feature Comparison
  • Portal Feature Comparison
  • Content Management Feature Comparison
  • Search Feature Comparison
  • BI Feature Comparison
  • Business Process and Forms Feature Comparison

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Non-profit uses Microsoft Online Services to Enable Online Communications and Operations

July 20, 2009

Eastside Basketball Club formed less than 6 months ago, held a Grand Opening last weekend to promote their new facilities and offerings to the community.  The organization knew from the beginning that in order to accomplish the goals for opening and ongoing operations, a solid infrastructure to support online communications and collaboration was key.  The start-up and on-going costs for infrastructure and software in-house was not available, nor necessary based on the EBC business requirements.  The EBC decided on Microsoft Online Services Business Productivity Suite for their online email, calendaring, web meeting …  watch a brief interview with the EBC to here it in their own words.

Interview on YouTube – 4 Minutes

More information about Microsoft Online Services (BPOS) –



Vorsite Continues to Grow their Microsoft Online Services BPOS Offering

July 20, 2009

Last week Vorsite launch, a site focused on delivering information for, the Microsoft Online Services offering, Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS).  Customers can find information about the BPOS services (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, LiveMeeting Online, Communications Online) through the website and community updates from Vorsite sponsored Twitter and Blog accounts.  In addition, customers can sign-up directly for the services or a trial account directly through the site.

For questions regarding the site send email to

Vorsite Focuses on Innovations Offering Choice, On-Premise or Cloud Services, Paving the Way with a Pricing Reset on their Content and Search Connectors for SharePoint

July 20, 2009

Over 50 percent of enterprise-level companies and agencies have procured SharePoint Server 2007 with intent to utilize more Microsoft platforms for critical information, records and collaboration management. Vorsite’s unlimited access model now allows your organization to have an “integrated experience” and a migration vision to SharePoint with predictability and finality for legacy solutions presently in place. Vorsite’s customer and solution base with the new aggressive model will continue to position Vorsite as a leader for integration of content management, collaboration and search.

See the full PR here:

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